The Art of Looking and Feeling Good!

Relaxation. Release. Rejuvenation. Those are just a few of the things you’ll find at Eternal Wellness MedSpa & Salon. And that’s just the beginning of your experience.

The true test of the modern spa isn’t just how good it makes you feel on the outside. It’s how the rejuvenation goes deep within and touches your soul.

In our hands you aren’t just going to feel younger and refreshed, gentle medical grade techniques mean you’re going to see the changes in your skin AND your body.

Eternal Wellness MedSpa & Salon uses a unique combination of traditional spa therapeutics with medical grade aesthetic enhancements. This is combined with the latest approach to holistic wellness techniques including whole food supplements, nutrition counseling, and an extensive body detoxification, our 21 day cleanse.

It’s a recipe for younger, fresher feeling skin, unlocked by a careful and attentive team of aesthetic experts. Like many of our clients proclaim, “Eternal Wellness MedSpa & Salon makes a difference that has to be experienced”.

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8801 N. 10th Street Suite 150
McAllen, Texas 78504